High Jewellery

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Knut earrings

18 K yellow gold earrings with lavender jade drops, pearls, amethyst cabochons and white diamonds, f..

Jade necklace

Necklace in 18 K white gold with jade 11 mm and white diamonds..

Jade Earrings

18 K white gold earrings with jade,tsavorites and white diamonds..

Green amethyst necklace

Ritual Necklace in 18 K yellow gold with green amethyst,green tourmaline,champagne diamonds,white di..


18 K  Yellow Gold Cupcake RingOriginal design of green amethyst, rubies, emeralds and whit..

Coral necklace

Ritual coral necklace in 18 K white gold brooches with tsavorites and white diamonds..

Brooch Flower

18 K white gold flower brooch with white diamonds, sapphires and amethysts..

Brahman Earrings

18 K white gold earrings with Tahiti pearls, tsavorites, white and black diamonds..