Vasari opened their first exclusive boutique in 1982 and that revolutionized the sector. Up until then jewellery has been limited to the world of precious stones. With the irruption of Vasari in the market, however, they wanted to avoid this tradition and give jewels the added value of a piece of art.

Passion for design and exclusive treatment of materials such as gold, pavé or stones, made their creations authentic works of art. Vasari works with jewels based on architectural forms and nature, as well as with innovation in chromatic patterns and the creation of designs that can range from Baroque to minimalism.

Each and every piece of the firm is a unique work of art of outstanding quality and beauty. The name of the brand was inspired by the famous painter, architect and historian who lived in Renaissance Florence of the sixteenth century, Giorgio Vasari. This name choice reflects the intention to transmit the spirit of the Renaissance through the jewels.

This brand is identified by imagination, freedom, originality and transgression. The exclusivity of all Vasari pieces has made them extremely valued not just in the Spanish market, but also in international professional circles.

Over the years, Vasari has managed to transform some of their jewelry into classics. This is the case of the collection of capitels, doublets or spiders, as well as new collections that set trends.

In recent years, Vasari has created a basic line, light, aimed at a young and creative audience that takes maximum care of the details. It is a collection of geometric lines that combine pieces of shiny and nuanced gold, which gives them an informal and elegant look.