Our Diamonds

Choosing the perfect diamond is not an easy decision to make. Vasari knows how to advise customers and help them make the right choice. Moreover, it is important to know that all Vasari diamonds are mined in an ethical and sustainable way, and that none of them come from conflict zones.

Each Vasari diamond is a unique piece. Each diamond is carefully selected at source and starts to take shape in the hands of the cutter, who follows an exclusive and rigorous geometric plane to make sure that the stone can show all its natural sparkle. All diamonds offered by Vasari, from the smallest one to the most spectacular, are cut with the same care in order to enhance their sparkle and splendor and ensure that light can freely enter and leave the diamond, thereby releasing the full potential of splendid colors. Accordingly, we can say that stone is a true work of art.

It is important to know how to distinguish a diamond from a brilliant, and to understand the importance of its cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and how all this affects the final price. These four basic characteristics, better known as the 4Cs, make up the worldwide standard that determines the quality of a diamond.

An absence of color is the most highly valued characteristic in a diamond. The diamonds that Vasari offers occupy the top categories of this grading classification.

In terms of purity, Vasari diamonds offer the maximum guarantee, classified as VVS and VS, where inclusions are difficult to see, even under 10x magnification. The purity of a diamond is determined by the size, nature and arrangement of the inclusions.

The way that light is reflected in a diamond makes it a unique and exceptional stone. When we observe a diamond, we can see the characteristic sparkle that is determined by the quality of its cut, its symmetry and its polish.

Diamond Clarity Grading Scale

The most popular diamond shapes are:

Vasari jewellery specialists will advise customers and help them to make the most appropriate choice, according to their preferences.

Lastly, the fourth characteristic is weight. We should be aware that diamonds are measured in carats and that each unit is equivalent to 0.2 grams.

However, weight is not the only factor to be taken into consideration when determining the value or quality of a stone, because two diamonds of the same weight can have very different prices. For this reason, it is essential to bear the 4 Cs in mind.